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Big Al from Country Bear Jamboree Fantasy Disney Pin by Imagineer Terri Hardin


This is a special pin. I co-created it with Imagineer Terri Hardin. She used to work for Disney on projects like Captain EO, Muppet Vision 3D, Dragon's Lair (Disneyland Paris), Star Tours, and others.

***link to her bio coming soon***

This is Big Al from The Country Bear Jamboree which existed in Disneyland's Bear Country from 1972-1986. The land was renamed Critter Country in 1988 and the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown was there from 1986-2001 when it was removed to make way for the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction. After it closed, the Big Al animatronics was repurposed for the Oogie Boogie animatronic in the new Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay. You can still see the attraction if you visit the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

There is 200 with this production round and a possibility of more if they sell well. Each pin is numbered on the back and has her signature with raised metal (see photo) on the back.

The pin is 3" tall and 2" wide.

It is hard enamel

Black plated nickel

You can see the original sketch she sent me to turn into the pin art.

The two photos of her are from the set of The Country Bears (2002). She was the puppeteer for Big Al in the film.

(P.S. After a certain amount of pins the weight goes over 5 ounces and cost more for shipping, I will pay the difference, don't worry about it)

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