Discovering The Magic Kingdom

The ultimate unofficial Disneyland vacation guidebook!

CONTENTS: A Look Inside the Book

The following is the book's Table of Contents. Click on the LOOK INSIDE hyperlink to see a sample from that specific section.

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Copyright and Trademark Information
The Book History
Introduction (LOOK INSIDE)
Visiting Times (LOOK INSIDE)

  List of the best times to visit the parks and hours of daily operation.
An Example Of A Trip
  Gives a breakdown of a trip for planning ahead of time.
Attendance Of Disneyland In The Millions
  The attendance history since the beginning.
Tickets and Passes
  Ticket prices, season pass description, where to get cheap tickets.
Wardrobe For The Trip (LOOK INSIDE)
  A guide of what types of clothing to pack for Anaheim weather.
Packing For The Trip Checklist
  A checklist of suggested items to pack for the trip.
Getting To The Parks & Parking
  Directions to the parks and parking information.
Surrounding Area Info
  Addresses for popular restaurants, gas stations and stores surrounding the resort.
Cost To Eat In The Park (LOOK INSIDE)
  Prices for popular food items enabling you to decide whether or not to carry in food.
Disneyland Hotel
  Information about the hotel and things to do while there.
Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings
  Want to get married in the happiest place on earth? Find out how.
Disneyland Birthday Party
  Have your birthday in Disneyland with Mickey and Minnie.
Kennel Club & Service Dogs
  Explains where to take your dog or cat while you are in the parks.
Downtown Disney
  A list of the shops and restaurants to visit.  
Package Check Service
  Have your purchases and souvenirs sent to your hotel or held for you.
Magic Morning
  Want to enter the park early? Here’s how.
Jedi Training Academy (LOOK INSIDE)
  Your kid can learn the ways of a Jedi Knight to defeat Lord Vader
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
  Your daughter can have a makeover into a Disney princess.
Lost and Found
  Have you lost something? How do you get it back?
Foreign Currency Exchange & Disney Dollars 
  Do you have foreign money? Trade it in for US currency or Disney Dollars.
Height Requirements
  How tall do you have to be to ride the “big kid” attractions?
Creation Of The Park
  A complete story of how the park began.
Opening Day 1955
  How did the first day of Disneyland go?
Disneyland Resort
  What the whole resort includes
Disney Princesses (LOOK INSIDE)
  All the information behind one of the biggest franchises Disney created.
Disney Movie Trivia (LOOK INSIDE)
  Little fun facts about your favorite Disney movies.
Top Villains 
  A List of the top 30 villains from all the Disney films 
A Full List Of Every Disney Film (LOOK INSIDE)
  A list of every film including animated and live action
Disney On Broadway
  A list of all the Broadway musicals from Walt Disney Theatrical Productions
A Film Company In The Making (LOOK INSIDE)
  The history of one of the biggest film companies in the world.
  What is Pixar? The relationship between Pixar and Disney.
Photo Pass
  Want some awesome photos of you in front of Disney landmarks?
Little Things To Do Just For The Memories
  Things that are fun to do just so you have the memories.
Preparing For Entry 
  What to have prepared before you go in the park.
Ghost Stories Of Disneyland (LOOK INSIDE)
  Stories from around the park as told by the people who experienced them.
  Why did Disneyland close only 3 days since 1955?
  The 12 people that have died since the parks opening in 1955.
Hidden Mickeys (LOOK INSIDE)
  It’s a game. How to spot those Mickey heads.
Club 33
  An exclusive club that only the rich belong to.
The Disney Dream Suite
  The new hotel room that was added to New Orleans Square.
  Descriptions of your favorite characters walking in sequence to music.
Penny Smashing & Other Souvenirs
  The cheapest souvenirs that you could possibly collect.
Pin Trading (LOOK INSIDE)
  Bright, colorful and fun to trade, the new Disneyland pastime.
Random Information (LOOK INSIDE)
  How much does it take for upkeep on this place?
Disney World Resort Trivia
  Some important trivia for the whole Disney World resort in Florida.
Disney Legends Program
  The annual award ceremony for people who had an impact with Disney.
Meet And Greet Characters (LOOK INSIDE)
  Shake hands and hug your favorite characters.
Fastpass, Switch Pass & Single Rider
  Don’t want to wait for that attraction? Shortcuts for the lines.
Tips and Tricks
  How to “read” the lines. Get a handicap pass if you are unable to wait in lines.
Scavenger Hunt
  A checklist of things to find around the park, just for fun or as a competition.
Get Through All The Disneyland Attractions In One Day
  Want to know what order to go on the attractions to get them all done in one day?
Disneyland (LOOK INSIDE)
  A breakdown for each of the lands with their attractions in detail.     
Get Through All The California Adventure Attractions In One Day
  Want to know what order to go on the attractions to get them all done in one day?   
California Adventure (LOOK INSIDE)
  A breakdown for each of the lands with their attractions in detail.     
New Additions (LOOK INSIDE)
  Descriptions of all the future attractions of California Adventure
Disneyland’s Attractions Of The Past
  A listing of the attractions that used to reside in Disneyland.
California Adventure’s Attractions Of The Past
  A listing of the attractions that used to reside in California Adventure.
Walt’s The Man
  A biography of the man who brought us our fondest memories.
Scavenger Hunt Locations
  Answers to the locations of the scavenger hunt clues
  Definitions of many unknown words in this book

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