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The Redhead on Pirates of the Caribbean has a voice

Posted by Joshua Shaffer on March 23, 2018 at 4:15 AM

The Auctioneer scene on Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most iconic scenes in all of Disneyland. This scene was also the only completed scene that Walt Disney was able to experience before his death, and the last attraction he worked on. To the happiness of thousands and the sadness of millions, Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction just reopened with the icon scene drastically altered. The former redheaded prostitute known to fans as Redd, is now a gun-wielding pirate. The entire scene is no longer the “Take a wench for a bride” scene. It was transformed into the “Auction” scene. Redd was to become a pirate in the original attraction anyway. She is depicted in a painting behind the drinking skeletons. This just puts her in the position of power now, rather than in the future. The Auctioneer is now auctioning off stolen goods and animals. What caught my attention is that Redd now has dialogue! But who is the voice of this redheaded beauty? It is voice actress Grey DeLisle. She has over 500 film, tv, and video game credits to her name.

The new scene was added to Disneyland Paris in July 2017, now the Magic Kingdom, and soon to be Disneyland.

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