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Redd the Redhead from Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Fantasy Pin

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This is my 14th Fantasy Pin design.


It was successfully backed on Kickstarter.


This design is of the redhead, rightly named Redd, on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland (June 2018), Magic Kingdom (March 2018), and Disneyland Paris (July 2017). Last year, Disney decided to change the Bride Auction scene that has been a part of the iconic attraction since it opened March 1967. In fact, it was the only scene of the attraction that Walt experienced before he passed away. Disney updated the scene and made Redd a pirate instead of a bride-to-be.


Read the redhead history here... m/apps/blog/show/44620021-history-of-fem ale-pirates-and-the-redhead


Some people are for the change, and some people are against it. There are currently no pins for the new Redd, but plenty for the original Redd. I made that happen.


When designing her, I took the look of the new Redd and used the face of the original Redd because everyone seemed to dislike the new face.


She is 3" tall (Jumbo Pin)

Hard Enamel

Black Plated Nickel


There are some available with gems placed on her ring finger and on the rope chain hanging from her waist. They were added post-production.


Please email me if you have any questions, [email protected]


This pin was not made by Disney, it was made by myself. It can not be traded or sold inside any Disney Park or with any Disney Cast Members inside any Disney park. Its sole purpose is to be collected by the fans.

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