Discovering The Magic Kingdom

The ultimate Disneyland book!


     Throughout the years during my Disneyland visits, I started to learn more and more about the parks, the attractions and the history of everything from talking to Disneyland cast members, friends and other park visitors. While waiting in lines and walking around the park, I would randomly strike up conversations with other people and would always land on the topic of Disneyland facts. Spending lots of time with these people, I transferred the information that I already knew over to them. In 2006 I wanted to make a list of all the random Disneyland facts that I had learned. I wanted a list that I could share with others while I was at the park. While compiling the list, I decided to look up some information online to verify statements or to learn something new.

     After discovering there was so much more information out there than I could have ever imagined, I started adding it to my existing list. In the beginning I had everything divided up by lands and then by attractions. That’s when I decided to make a little book. I added in some information about the FastPass and how to get cheap tickets and so on. Not putting a whole lot of effort into the book, it got pushed to the wayside for a little while. In the beginning of 2008 I started to pick back up on it and completed my first draft. I printed up several copies of this book, then containing 67 pages, and sold them to friends and on Ebay. Friends began to ask me questions about items that were not in my book. That’s when I made a complete overhaul. By mid 2008 I decided to accommodate the queries of everyone and added another 152 pages, more photos and information. That leaves the book where it is today.