Discovering The Magic Kingdom

The ultimate Disneyland book!

CONTENTS: A Look Inside the Book

The following is the book's Table of Contents. Click HERE to see inside the book.

Visiting Times

  • List of the best times to visit the parks, and hours of daily operation.

An Example of a Trip                                                                        

  • Gives a breakdown of a trip for planning ahead of time.

Other Things To Do                                                                            

  • Want to do something other than Disneyland?

Save Money Step by Step                                                                

  • Follow these simple steps to save money on your trip.

Attendance of the Disneyland Resort                                            

  • The attendance history since the beginning.

Tickets and Passes                                                                             

  • Ticket prices, season pass description, and where to get cheap tickets.

Wardrobe for the Trip                                                                        

  • A guide of what types of clothing to pack for Anaheim weather.

Packing-for-the-Trip Checklist                                                         

  • A checklist of suggested items to pack for the trip.

Getting to The Parks & Parking                                                       

  • Directions to the parks and parking information.


  • Where to stay and how to book your stay at a non-Disney hotel.

Cost to Eat in the Park ? A Cross Section                                      

  • Prices for popular food items, and a breakdown of all the restaurants inside. Where to dine with characters. Want a buffet?

The Disney Hotels                                                                              

  • Information about the hotels and things to do while there.

Downtown Disney                                                                              

  • A list of the shops and restaurants to visit.                    

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings                                                          

  • Want to get married in the happiest place on earth? Find out how.

Disneyland Birthday Party                                                               

  • Have your birthday in Disneyland with Mickey and Minnie.

Kennel Club & Service Dogs                                                            

  • Explains where to take your dog or cat while you are in the parks.

Package Check Service                                                                     

  • Have your purchases and souvenirs sent to your hotel or held for you.

Take A Tour                                                                                        

  • Want to see behind the scenes in the park? Take a tour.

Magic Morning                                                                                   

  • Want to enter the park early? Here?s how.

Lost and Found                                                                                   

  • Have you lost something? How do you get it back?

Foreign Currency Exchange & Disney Dollars                              

  • Do you have foreign money? Trade it in for U.S. currency or Disney Dollars.

Height Requirements For Small Visitors                                        

  • How tall do you have to be to ride the ?big kid? attractions?

Creation of the Park                                                                          

  • A complete story of how the park began.

Opening Day 1955                                                                             

  • How did the first day at Disneyland go?

Disneyland Resort                                                                              

  • What the whole resort includes.

A Full List of Every Disney Film                                                      

  • A list of every film, including animated and live action.

A Film Company in the Making                                                      

  • The history of one of the biggest film companies in the world.

It All Started by a Mouse                                                  

  • The history and trivia of the world?s most recognizable icon, Mickey Mouse.

Disney Princess Collection                                                

  • All the information behind one of the biggest franchises Disney created.

Disney Fairies                                                                                      

  • All the information about Tinker Bell and her fairy friends.

Who Does That Voice?                                                                     

  • Find out who does the voices of our favorite characters.

Disney Movie Trivia                                                                          

  • Little fun facts about your favorite Disney movies.

Movie Fun Facts By Individual Film                                              

  • All of the animated Disney cannon films with over 800 fun facts.

Easter Eggs                                                                                          

  • Find where the hidden items are in your favorite films that refer to another film.

Disney Things Explained                                                                  

  • Duffy
  • Oswald
  • The Fab Five 
  • Club 33 
  • Dream Suite 
  • Disneybounding 
  • Disney Myths 
  • Disney Legends Program 
  • Nine Old Men 
  • E-Ticket 
  • Mickey Mouse Club 
  • Wonderful World Of Disney 
  • The Main Street Windows

Imagineers Mini Biographies                                                           

  • Learn a little more about the Disney Imagineers.

Disney Film Company Assets                                                          

  • Pixar 
  • Marvel 
  • Lucasfilm 
  • The Jim Henson Company

Disney On Broadway                                                                        

  • A list of all the Broadway musicals from Walt Disney Theatrical Productions.

Preparing for Entry                                                                             

  • What to have prepared before you go in the park.

Special Needs Or Disabilities                                                            

  • Helpful information if someone in your group has special needs.

Tips and Tricks                                                                                   

  • How to ?read? the lines. Tips on how to get through the park and do things that not everyone knows about.

Expectant Mothers                                                                            

  • What to ?expect,? and tips to have a good visit while being pregnant.

Visiting with Infants                                                                           

  • What to do if you are visiting with an infant or small child.

FastPass, MaxPass, Switch Pass, & Single Rider                          

  • Don?t want to wait for that attraction? Shortcuts for the lines.

Photo Pass                                                                                           

  • Want some awesome photos of you in front of Disney landmarks?

Little Things to Do Just for the Memories                                      

  • Things that are fun to do just so you have the memories.


  • Why did Disneyland close only three days since 1955?

Hidden Mickeys                                                                                 

  • Locations of 419 Mickey heads in Disneyland, DCA, Downtown Disney, and Disney Resort


  • Descriptions of your favorite characters walking in sequence to music.

Penny Smashing & Other Souvenirs                                               

  • The cheapest souvenirs that you could possibly collect.

Pin Trading                                                                                          

  • Bright, colorful, and fun to trade; the new Disneyland pastime.

Jedi Training Academy                                                                    

  • Your kid can learn the ways of a Jedi Knight to defeat Lord Vader.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique                                                

  • Your daughter can have a makeover into a Disney princess.

Meet and Greet Characters                                                             

  • Shake hands and hug your favorite characters.

Holiday Makeover                                                                            

  • Each year Disneyland goes all out for all the holidays.

Special Days In The Park                                                

  • Want to visit on Gay Day, Goth Day, or Dapper Day?

The Original Attractions                                                                   

  • Find out what was here on opening day.

The Shared Attractions                                                                    

  • Are these attractions found in other Disney parks?

Scavenger Hunt                                                                                 

  • A checklist of things to find around the park, just for fun or as a competition.

Disney World Resort Trivia                                                             

  • Some important trivia for the whole Disney World resort in Florida.

Disneyland Fun Facts                                                                       

  • A breakdown for each of the lands with their attractions in detail.     

California Adventure Fun Facts                                                      

  • A breakdown for each of the lands with their attractions in detail.     

Disneyland?s Attractions of the Past                                              

  • A listing of the attractions that used to reside in Disneyland.

California Adventure?s Attractions of the Past                           

  • A listing of the attractions that used to reside in California Adventure.

Walt Is the Man                                                                                 

  • A biography of the man who brought us our fondest memories.