Discovering The Magic Kingdom

The ultimate Disneyland book!

Q: Can I take this book into Disneyland with me?

Absolutely! The book is roughly the size of a thick magazine (8.25" x 11" paperback) to conveniently fit in your backpack. When I was writing the book, it was an intention of mine to have the book while waiting in line to learn about that particular attraction.

Q: Do you know where I can find all the Hidden Mickeys?
No, not all of them. However, I list 116 of them in the book. There are hundreds of them, with new ones constantly being added and removed from the parks.
Q: How many pictures are in your book?

There are exactly 114 photos and illustrations that I took and drew myself.

Q: Does it have anything about hotels?

I only cover information about the Disneyland hotels and their history. I do not list anything about which hotels are the best around, just how to pick one with a good location. Cost and ownerships of the hotels constantly change and it is hard to keep up on that.

Q: Does it have back lot info?

If you are referring to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot in California Adventure, yes it does. It discusses all the attractions and things to do there.

Q: How many rides do you talk about?

First off let me say that there are only two rides in Disneyland. All of the so called “rides” are actually referred to as attractions. The two rides in Disneyland are Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Big Thunder Railroad, because “It’s the wildest ride in the wilderness.” So to answer your question, I talk about the 55 attractions in Disneyland and the 28 attractions in California Adventure.

Q: Does it cover lost attractions, i.e. People Mover or Sky Buckets?

It sure does. There is a listing starting on page 200 that talks about the 81 past attractions and the one land that was removed.

Q: Does the book have the history of the park/each ride?

Each attraction and land has their own section where I cover the history and any "fun facts" related to that attraction. There is a section in the front of the book that has the entire history of the park.

Q: Is the book a Disney Corporation Book?

No. It isn't a book created by or authorized by the Disney Corporation. I did it on my own strictly as a fan of the parks. That is why it is "unofficial."

Q: Does it cover both parks?

Yes. It has tons of information about Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney.

Q: Does the book have information on grad nights?

It briefly covers it. Since grad nights are scheduled at the end of the school year by each individual school and they happen after the park closes, there is no exact information to give about it.

Q: How many fun facts do you have in your book?

Including the sections about the attractions, the princess movies, the parks and movie trivia, there are around a thousand fun facts in total. Some of them are multiple facts in one listing.

Q: Do you explain how to save money on food if I'm on a tight budget?

I have a section that gives a complete cross-section of the food costs inside the park so you are aware of what you could possibly spend inside. I also give direction on how to save money by taking in your own food. Yes, you can take in outside food. There is a security check point before entering and they will just ask to search your bags. Use a good backpack. I had an experience once when I carried in a Little Mermaid backpack for someone, due to it's cheapness it started to hurt my shoulders. I'll never do that again.

Q: What if I can't find a question that I have on your FAQ's page?

If you do not see an example question here that you have yourself, then check out my Blog. I post answers on there that I have given for peoples questions on Yahoo Answers! Check out my blog.