Discovering The Magic Kingdom

The ultimate Disneyland book!

INTRODUCTION (shortened)

     This guide is to assist you with working your way through the Wonderful World of Disneyland and California Adventure. It will also give you several tips on how to save money during your stay. Also listed are some interesting facts about the park and other Disney related trivia.

     I do not work for the Disney Corporation in any way. I am a huge fan of the Disneyland theme parks, and I go there quite frequently with my family using our season passes during several different seasons of the year.

     I hope you find this guidebook very useful for informing and showing you how to save a few bucks on your visit to the happiest place on earth. Every Fun Fact and the other information listed in here is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and research.

     Keep in mind that the park is continually changing, opening new attractions and removing old ones. This book had it’s most recent update prior to publishing in the summer of 2010.